Heli-Ski in the mountains of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is one of the 'new' venue's for skiing and snowboarding on virgin snow. The mountains of the Western Tien-Shan, situated only within one-hour drive from the capital of Uzbekistan – City of Tashkent, offer favorable combinations of snow quality, topography and climatic conditions.

'Free-Ride the Snow' in Uzbekistan is one of the youngest but fastest developing style of active recreation. The resort area in has become the centre of such recreation, and based on its picturesque landscapes has been named the "Uzbek Switzerland". This region represents a vast territory within the National park, whose unique nature characteristics are well known.

 "Uzbek Switzerland" has become a centre for international snow sports. Over the last few years resort complexes with modern hotels, cottages, sport entertainment structures, swimming pools, bars and restaurants have been built. For snowboarders and alpine skiers there are modern chair-lifts. For those who fancy freedom rides there is helisking.

The most popular resorts are situated near Lake Charvak: "Charvak Oromgohi", "Chimgan Oromgohi" and "Beldersay Oromgohi". In translation from Uzbek the word "oromgoh" means "making healthier". And this word was used not accidentally – the purpose of all three resorts is to use the healthy mountain climate for rehabilitation and rest.

The resort "Charvak" is situated at an altitude of 890 meters above sea level, on the shore of enormous lake. The lakes capacity is two billion cubic meters of water and is fed by the local mountain rivers. The resort has three comfortable hotels with the usual restaurants, bars, saunas, massage venues, discotheque, conference- hall and business centre.

The resort, "Chimgan Oromgohi" is situated in the picturesque Chimgan valley at an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level. This resort is the favourite amongst local Uzbek skiers.

Not far from the Chimgan valley, at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, in a scenic area, there is the most comfortable resort in the Western Tian-Shan – "Beldersay Oromgohi". The vast area of almost 50 hectares is occupied by a four star hotel and 16 cottages.


The mountains of the Western Tien-Shan are known for a mild climate. The average temperature in January at the altitude of 1000 meters above sea level is only minus 2 to minus 4 degrees celsius. The day temperature seldom falls to minus 15 degrees. By mid-December most of precipitation has already fallen and starting from mid-January there is a stable two meter deep snow blanket.

Skiing and snowboarding down virgin snow are usually done from 4100 meters to 1500 meters above sea level. Experienced guides chose for the peaks, ridges and spurs usually not accessible for ordinary skiers.

Helicopters are used to access the start points. Within one day riders manage to make 4 – 5 runs. Thus the total vertical length of the ride can be 5 – 7 kilometers. For bringing the riders to the "MI-8" helicopters are used. This type of helicopter can take aboard up to 18 passengers plus three members of the crew, two guides and one avalanche expert.

 The most popular among rider is on the highest peak of this mountain area – Big Chimgan, which is 3309 meters above sea level. From its granite crest opens the majestic panorama of the whole "Uzbek Switzerland". In the west there come into view the outlines of the city Tashkent. The mountain range Karjantau rises in the north-west. A little bit to the right the Ugam mountain range towers and in the north-west one can see the wave-like folds of the Pskem mountain range. Between these two mountain ranges there is another favorite place for free riders – the Maidantal range.

 Far to the south east one may be lucky to see the peaks of the Chatcal mountain range. And at last, in the south west, one can see dressed in snow the stone waves of the Kuramin range.

 In the centre of this vast mountain country there lies a real local natural gem – the nonfreezing lake which is often called the Charvak Sea. The resort "Charvak Oromgohi" is situated on the southern shore of the lake.  At the foothills of Big Chimgan one can catch the sight of hotels, cottages, and a number of buses. This is "Chimgan Oromgohi" resort.  A six kilometer ski route leads down to this resort.
The slopes of the Pskem valley which is one of the biggest and most picturesque in "Uzbek Switzerland" should satisfy most adrenalin hunters. First of all these are descents down from the peaks of Padir and Kaptarkumish, with altitudes over 3500m.

One of the routes provide skiers and snowboarders the opportunity to slide down the to the ice surface of the exotic mountain lake 'Ikhnach-kul', which was formed many centuries ago as a result of a river being blocked by an avalanche. At present the length of the lake is 700m and a width is 350m. In wintertime pink granite rocks are reflected in the ice cover of the lake. All along the shores there are dark green juniper trees – the main attraction of Uzbekistan' mountains.

Another route finishes in a valley flanked with shrubs and trees. Decorated with snow they add to the overall beauty. The mystery of the surroundings can be emphasized by a chain of footmarks belonging to unknown beasts…

 Then, of course, you will be impressed by another run that involves rapid descents along the surfaces of iced over rivers – the Tekesh and Eastern Ayutor glaciers of the Maidantal range.

No less fascinating is the descent from the Davan range in the Chatkal mountains. The length of this route, which finishes on the highland Angren plateau, is 8 kilometers. For the freeride veterans it presents no difficulties, but less experienced riders will certainly gain a new thrill.
In the mountains, as it is well known, the biggest danger is avalanche. In case anything like that happens, tourists are recommended to have special transmitters, avalanche shovel and probe. If you do not have such an outfit of your own, the necessary equipment will be provided to you at the site. All those who set out on a journey within the mountains are strongly recommended to use sun protection cream and sunglasses, gloves and suitable head-dress. And don't forget to take your camera with you in order to capture the unforgettable moments of your encounter with the wild nature.

Day 1:
Arrival. Meet at Tashkent airport. Transfer to Charvak
Accommodation. Dinner

Day 2 to 6:
Program Heliski&Boarding. Full board

Day 7:
Free time. Lunch. Transfer to Tashkent

Day 8:
Farewell dinner with folk show
Transfer to the airport. Departure

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Accommodation in twin room for 1 night hotel “Uzbekistan” 4* Tashkent;
Accommodation in mountains in “Charvak Oromgokhi” 3* hotel, standard twin room for 6 night.
Full board
8 hours of helicopter flight time.
On average 5-8 descents per day depending on weather.
Transfer Tashkent – Charvak – Tashkent
Transport (minivan Toyota Coaster) in Charvak
Mountains guide
Helicopter team
Mountains instructor service

International flight
Excursions in Tashkent
Transport service in Chimgan

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