Underwater Hotel Accommodation

If you are bored with traditional hotels rooms, flattered by the occasional voyeur, or simply want to indulge in James Bond-like fantasies of secret, underwater lairs -read on!

The Manta Resort -- Pemba Island, Zanzibar
Now open: Africa’s first underwater hotel room. Calling this a hotel room might be a slight understatement, this being is more like a three story private island. Sunbath (remember sun block cream!) on the top deck’s cushy daybed, relax in the dining/living area on the water deck, and sleep with below with the marine life.
Depth: 13ft. Rate: $1,500/night for two, $900/night for one
Hilton's Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort -- Rangali Island, The Maldives
On very special occasions, this resort transforms its all-glass, underwater, 12-seater Ithaa Undersea Restaurant -- the world's first -- into a private bedroom suite for two.
Depth: 16ft. Rate: $815/night
Utter Inn -- Västerås, Sweden

Utter Inn (in English, Otter Inn) Designed by artist and sculptor Mikael Genberg, the Utter Inn is really an art project: Guests are dropped off at a typically Swedish-style mini house on the water's surface, then left to their own devices. Literally a reverse fishbowl, the 25sqm (80sqft), single-room property is nothing but two twin beds, a table, a bathroom, and a camping stove. Depth: 10ft Rate: Around $167/night

This hotel is just a very short boat ride away from Västerås harbour. Guests can relax on the 25-m2 deck or take the dinghy out to one of the nearby uninhabited islands.

The room above the surface of the water contains kitchen equipment, including a hot plate, crockery, a 10-litre can of fresh water and refrigeration, and a dry toilet. When night falls, it is time to climb down the stairs to the bedroom with its panorama windows in all four directions – three metres below the surface of the water.

The hotel has no electricity, but it does have a portable gas heater and lighting. Fishing is not permitted from the hotel deck. Hotell Utter Inn is open between April and October,

The guests of Utter Inn arrive at the port of Vasteras and are taken out one kilometre on Lake Malaren with an inflatable boat. After receiving all the instructions guests need, they are then left alone.

If guests prefer deluxe accommodation, someone can deliver dinner by boat in the evening. Guests can use an inflatable canoe to visit the closest uninhabited island. Guests can also swim, sunbathe or watch the fish (from both upstairs and downstairs) at the hotel. It's a remarkable feeling to go to bed while the fish surround and watch you carefully.

Jules’ Undersea Lodge -- Key Largo, FL
Formerly the La Chalupa Research Laboratory, used in the '70s to explore the continental shelf, it's now one of Florida’s more unusual attractions. The only way to access the 600sqft, two-bedroom guesthouse is by scuba diving to its wet-room hatch. Depth: 30ft Rate: The $800 "JUL for Two" package covers a night's stay, and includes pizza delivery. We're not even making that up.

This is quite a concept and is the closest most of us could will come to experiencing something that will remind many of the Calypso and her voyages of discovery around the oceans of the world. Jacques-Yves Cousteau converted a WW2 surplus mine sweeper into the most famous oceanographic research ship ever - who can forget the haunting John Denver Them song for the series!. One of their many projects was the establishment of one of the first underwater habitats to study humans and how they survived in such accommodation. Their project was in the Red Sea and underwater building still remains and is a dive site for those lucky enough to visit that region on a liveaboard, as this editor has! Oh and don't forget Jacques Cousteau invented the SCUBA system we still use today!

Poseidon Undersea Resort --Katafinga Island, Fiji
Currently under construction, this five-star resort will feature 22 guest rooms, an underwater restaurant and bar, a library, conference room, wedding chapel, and spa, and will be accessible exclusively via 16-person submarine that you can learn to drive while a guest. Depth: 40ft
Rate: Register online to be notified when the resort begins taking reservations, which are a mere $30,000/wk per couple. An 'out there' project with an 'out there' price!!