Trabant Museum Germany


The two-stroke Trabant car is probably the most popular remnant of the former East Germany. At the Trabiparadies museum in Weberstedt, visitors can admire some extraordinary examples of the vehicle affectionately known as the Rennpappe, or cardboard racing car. Altogether the museum has around 20 one-off versions of the East German car, with highlights including Trabis converted into fire engines, a pope-mobile, a police car, a tow ‘truck’ and even a stretch-Trabi - probably the only one of its kind in the world. It is even possible to go for a jaunt in this cult classic. Cramped for space and with none of the usual modern comforts, the Trabi provides lots of fun as drivers rattle around the local villages.  The museum is open daily from November to March.

The Trabant has always held the fascination of Brent from Passport Travel and in 2003 he had the opportunity to drive around the country roads near Leipzig!