Plastic Rubbish in the Oceans

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I'll keep it short because too many emails can be a pain... after all outdoors wild sons and daughters of nature is better than sitting in front of a screen.

I don't go bush or beach anymore these days without returning with at least a handful of someone else's rubish that I picked up along the way. I always knew plastic is no good. What I only clicked to over the last few days was how much plastic has become a problem. I seemed to have lagged on this realisation but I have included some links below for you guys to see.

Mainly I hadn't realised that plastic debri has accumulated in gyres of the Pacific to a total area estimated by some to be larger than the United States. The mass of plastic fragments has been recorded to be 6 times that of planktonic life in these waters. Plastic acts like a magnet for toxic chemicals (pesticides, oils,...), possibly to 1,000,000 times natural oceanic concentrations. Finally, plastic fragments looklike food to birds and fish so are eaten by them.

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