Do you want to fly and airline that allows mobile phone conversations??

I can see a new booking preference becoming reality. Just like in the 'old days' where you had to request, smoking, or non smoking, now we will al have to request a phone free zone!

A recent survey has revealed that 86 percent of people are against their fellow passengers being permitted to use their mobile phones whilst in flight. The survey, conducted by Skyscanner has found that the majority of people felt it was ‘annoying to have to listen to other people’s conversations’.

This finding comes just as Virgin Atlantic announced it will permit mobile phone calls on its New York to London route, becoming one of the first international airlines to allow the usage of mobiles in-flight.
Despite the majority of people welcoming advancements in internet connectivity it appears that the majority of people would prefer to not have the constant chatter of other people’s conversations when in confined spaces.
The survey also revealed that if the service was available 48 percent of people would send texts, 35 percent said they would surf the net, ten percent said they would send e-mails and only six percent said they would actually make and take a call.

Additionally. only one percent of those interviewed said they would pay more to fly with a carrier that offered mobile calls.
Skyscanner marketing development manager for Australia Dave Boyte said flying was the only time we were allowed to truly switch off. “Now with Virgin’s move into on-board mobile and the introduction of Wi-Fi on flights in Australia it is only a matter of time before we are always on call,” Mr Boyte said.