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Porsche Museum Germany

In 2007, the new Porsche museum opened its doors to the public. Designed by Viennese architects, the new museum has an exhibition area of 5000 square metres and presents over 80 vehicles, including exhibitions on the history and development of Porsche.  The new museum is at the Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen location. 

The mere mention of the Porsche 911 is enough to make the eyes of any automotive enthusiast light up. These are the cars of people's dreams made by a brand with iconic status. At the Porsche Museum in the northern suburbs of Stuttgart, a host of exhibits provide a comprehensive account of the company's heritage. There is a big focus on classic cars of course and each exhibit features an explanation of what makes it so special. Models including the 356, 550, 911 and 917 are joined by rarities such as the Pink Pig racing car, so called because of its distinctive livery, which won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1971. Learn about the achievements of Professor Ferdinand Porsche, who initially designed electric and hybrid cars and who actually developed the first prototypes of the Beetle – a cult classic that also features in the exhibition. Porsche's most famous road and racing cars are among the highlights of the collection, and there are guided tours offering a greater insight into the exhibits and the architecture of the museum.

The ultimate car experience in Munich

The futuristic architecture of BMW Welt in Munich offers a distinctive welcome even from afar. Inside the building visitors can see the latest cars and motorbikes made by the Bavarian automotive giant. BMW motorbikes have long held iconic status and enjoy pride of place in the collection. Current models are displayed on the plaza, while the engineering and design studio shows what technological innovations are possible and how new features in cars work. Right on the doorstep of BMW Welt is the BMW Museum, which focuses on the history of the brand’s cars. Its permanent collection features 120 BMWs from today and yesterday such as the ever-popular BMW roadsters with their two-seater sports car appeal. The BMW Museum also puts the spotlight on the cars of tomorrow. The exhibition illustrates the company’s visions for the future, including zero-emissions technology and alternative drive systems.