Asia & Indian Sub Continent


A popular time to visit India is between September and April as the monsoon sweep from the south / east to the north / west from late May through to late July.
This monsoon season provides an excellent time to head north and visit Kashmir which is at its best for houseboats, golf and pony trekking. Kashmir offers excellent trekking in May to Sep. and is a popular snow skiing area during the months Jan. to Mar. 


Nepal is a great destination all year round with the best trekking during Oct. to Mar.
A number of the game lodges are open all year, i.e. Gaida Safari Lodge, while Tiger Tops Lodge and Camp closes between June and Sept. 


Tropical all year round, and excellent holiday location at any time.
Koh Samui pleasant from Feb to June, with some rains from Nov to Jan.
Phuket pleasant from Oct. to Feb.
Monsoons can hit between May and July, again heading up from the south.
Northern Thailand offers a great variety in traditional and cultural experiences all year round.


Tropical all year round.
Peninsula east coast wetter Oct. to Jan.
Peninsula west cost wetter Sept. to Nov.
North Borneo monsoon rain Nov. to Jan., especially on the coast.


Hot year round.
Wet seasons:    Sumatra Sept. to Nov.
Moluccas (Maluka Province) reverse seasons. Dry Sept. to Mar. Wet Apr. to Aug. 


Rainy season mid May to mid Oct.
Oct. to Feb. quite pleasant and cool at nights.
Nov. Feb. best visiting months.