Tasmania Australia

The railway is a “great engineering feat” because of the harsh terrain it runs through. The beautifully restored Mt Lyell Abt No 3 loco steams out of Queenstown railway station with four brass and timber carriages loaded with passengers.

Previously known as The Abt, the railway was restored over a three-year period using $20.45m from the Federal Government’s 1998 Federation Fund and more than $10m from the Tasmanian Government.

"When the track originally opened in 1897 it was hailed as a major engineering feat because of the difficult terrain it passes through – massive ridgelines, dramatic drop-offs and amazingly beautiful rainforest that make it one of the great railway journeys of the world.”

Apart from the pristine wilderness, the train is notable for a rack and pinion traction system developed by Swiss engineer Dr Roman Abt to overcome very steep gradients. The “third track” is engaged to haul the train up to Rinadeena Station, one of 12 stations along the route.