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Ideas to consider when travelling that lessen your impact

Simple ideas can help, as demonstrated by the following.

Bottled water - do you really need it?? People managed before the explosion of water in plastic bottles. How can you do without?
a) If you are staying in a hotel that has both an electric jug (kettle) you can simply boil water in the evening and refill your water initial bottle (or the robust one you have from home) letting it cool over night. If you have the added luxury of a fridge you can 'chill' that water.
b) This writer takes a high quality water purifier hand pump - the type used on hiking trips. Water can then be quickly pumped from any tap supply of water and be made good for human consumption.
c) refill from your hotel water tap and drop in the required number of purifying tablets. This was the 'old time' method (along with (a)) and still works.

When this writer was traveling with the full family compliment of 4 and using suggestion c, you can imagine the financial savings by not having to buy bottled water for 4 persons every day. Water is sold to foreigners at a much higher rate than the locals. After a couple of three trips the upmarket hand pump had repaid itself and the rest is profit!

Plastic Water Bottle cure???? 

An additive to make plastic bottles biodegrade completely is now on the market for water companies in the UAE, Gulf News has reported. The oxo-biodegradable additive is similar to what is currently being used in plastic bags to make them degrade quickly once discarded. UAE residents reportedly have the worldís highest per capita consumption of bottled water, creating huge amounts of plastic. Danger of plastic in the oceans.
  Russian River Cruises  

River cruising patronage has surged over the last few years. The Danube has been the most flavoursome choice, but more interest has been seen for the Russian river cruise options. We deal direct with Russian cruise boats so you will notice a difference in costs found in more traditional information outlets. Russia River Cruise Page.

Don't forget our Russian Arctic Cruises!

Adjusting the Budget so save more for Travel


As exchange rate wax and wane you possibly buy less foreign currency with your home currency. There are other very subtle ways to increase your saving rate!

Surveys have shown that few respondents realised they could save up for a return flight to New York or Asia within a few months by cutting back on some routine expenditures. A recent survey asked, "If you could cut back on any living expenses in order to take a holiday more often what would you cut back on?"

According to the survey's 1000-plus respondents indicated that "they would be willing to forgo their purchased lunches if it meant they could travel more". Simple expense added up in the long run, with an average worker spending $10-$15 a day on lunch. Just do the maths and look at that over a month. Yes, to get a true picture you have to cost in self made lunch costs, but I am sure you will realise that will be cheaper. daily coffee, have you noticed how your daily doses have gone up in price, yet the world commodity market for coffee shows the raw material has gone down!! Simply buy a small machine for home, or work, or even both. You will pay for the machine in no time (depends on level of machine) and then save at least $800 to $1000 a year - based on 2 cups a day habit!

The results were also broken down by gender and generation, which provided some interesting insights. A significant number of respondents (20%) admitted there was nothing they would cut back on for a holiday. Interestingly 14% of all respondents who said they wouldn't change their spending habits to save for a holiday were females falling into the Generation X bracket, whereas women who classified as Baby Boomers opted to cut back on everyday expenses. The results also revealed that male respondents would prefer to save money on domestic items rather than gym memberships. Survey respondent's top 5 living expenses holding them back from a holiday:

1.     Work lunches
2.     Daily coffees
3.     Taxis
4.     Gym Membership
5.     Impulse clothing purchases

Latest Travel Accessory

  Discarded airplane parts are being used to produce accessories from purses and pouches to clutches and carry-onís.

The United States Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) demands that airplane seat covers be removed from use after nine washes, as they begin to lose their fire retardant coating, Jaunted reported.

North Carolina-based company, Tierra Ideas, turn this trash into treasure, constructing duffle bags, messenger bags, laptop sleeves, and other travel bags from surplus seat covers, seatbelts and more.

Just donít forget your bag next time you fly, as itíll probably blend in with its surroundings.

  Cairns and Tropical North Bike Trails
  Cairns launches world-class bike trails

Tourism Tropical North Queensland has launched a dedicated mountain biking website to position the Cairns & Great Barrier Reef region as a world-class destination for recreational riders.

Ride Cairns was launched at Smithfield Conservation Park where world champion mountain bikers Paul van Der Ploeg and Jenni King were testing the new purpose-built cross-country mountain bike track for the second round of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in Cairns on April 25-27.

TTNQ chief executive Alex de Waal said the Ride Cairns brand would build on the momentum created by Cairns being selected to host the 2014 and 2016 UCI Mountain Bike World Cups as well as the 2017 UCI World Mountain Bike and Trials Championships.

"Whether you want to ride through World Heritage rainforest or along the edge of the Great Barrier Reef, there is an incredible diversity of trails across the mountain biking regions of Cairns, Atherton Tablelands, Mareeba, Port Douglas and Daintree, and the Cassowary Coast," he said.

TTNQ has been working with local mountain bike clubs, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and World Trails to catalogue a 550km-network of almost 40 mountain bike trails throughout the region to create

"The trails have been graded so riders can choose from those suitable for families through to the most challenging of trails for competitive riders and additional information is included on mountain biking events, services, accommodation and the destination," de Waal said.

The next step for the will be to develop comprehensive interactive maps of the mountain biking trails which will link in with data sets being developed locally by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and will be available via the Queensland Government Open Data Portal.

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