Tea for All!

Darjeeling India: Tea shops in the main shopping area.

Tea – the Beverage:

Tea generally refers to the young leaves and buds of Camellia sinensis, belonging to the Theaceae plant family (hence the name) grown in Southeast Asia which has been used since 28 BC. Different teas are identified by variety, grade and place of origin.

Variety - refers to the type of fermentation and firing processes used to cure the tea leaves. Green tea is fired immediately after picking. Oolong leaves are fermented for a short time, then fired. Black tea is fermented fully before firing.

Grade - depends on the condition of the leaf.

Origin - black teas grown at high altitudes have the most agreeable flavour. The most popular are grown in Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon), India and China. Teas from Ceylon are strong and dark. Assam tea, grown in India is heavy and pungent. Darjeerling is a delicate amber coloured tea, flavoured with bergamot, grown in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas. China produces strong black Keemun tea as well as some Oolong teas such as Formosa Oolong and Lapsang Souchong which has a distinctive smoky flavour.


Royal Cup of Tea!

Experience Scotland's Best Visitor Attraction. The Royal YachtBritannia was home to Her Majesty The Queen and the Royal Family for over 40 years, sailing over 1,000,000 miles around the world. Now berthed in Edinburgh, you can follow in the footsteps of royalty to discover the heart and soul of this most special of royal residences.

You can visit as an individual, or book a large function!

Tea in Moscow

British Tearooms

Riga Herbal Teas Latvia

ROEDDE House Vancouver Canada -The table is set in this Canadian home just as it might have been for afternoon tea in the Victorian era. Roedde House was built in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1893 for German immigrant Gustav Roedde and his wife Matilda. Visit this centrally located museum and enjoy one of its 'teat days - see website.

The couple ran a successful bookbinding business and went on to raise six children in the house, which these days is preserved as a museum offering a fascinating glimpse into late Victorian life. Many of the beautiful period homes in Vancouver’s West End district have been lost but Roedde House was spared because it was designed by a famous local architect, Francis Rattenbury.

Although many of the furnishings are not original to the house, it has been restored and decorated in such painstaking detail that you almost expect the Roeddes to walk through the door at any moment.

This whole area has a stunning range of period architecture, considering just how much modern development has gone on here. Well worth walking around and then perhaps end up on the nearby beach for the famous sunsets?

Darjeeling: Everything you have heard about how good Darjeeling tea can be is true! This editor sampled these wonderful brews recently and carried home some packages obtained form the shops shown in the picture above. You can arrange visits to tea plantations when there. You can also stay in accommodation on site with one.
Assam: This state is the powerhouse tea production area for India reputed to harvest 70% of India's total production. The countryside is carpeted with tea plantations which provides a beautiful green carpet of shaded vegetation. Again you can stay in accommodation on site and enjoy some of the atmosphere of the 'Managers Bungalow' of old. Visits to tea factories are also possible and one can purchase fresh tea at prices you would never see at home!! Oh, and did I mention the taste of freshly brewed organic Assam Black tea? Superb!

Tea on the Bungalow terrace

Assam Tea Plantation Bungalow Accommodation and Golf Course

Misty morning tea flanked by golf green! Main Planters Bungalow and accommodation chalets
This is where you do get a 'Tee with your Tea'. Visit the tea factory next door