Pueroport Tea Moscow Russia

Refresh yourself at the Pueroport Samovar Bar - in front of the Buran space shuttle. Here you will find all the tea-based fun you ever dreamt of. There is a large range of exotic teas and the ubiquitous Russian samovar is steaming away. Relax on the veranda in the evenings to the sound of a gramophone whilst enjoying a scoop of their unique tea ice creams and sorbets. These incorporate unusual natural flavours from wild elk milk to pine tree extract!!

Opened by Victor Yenin, the owner of 'Chaynaya Vysota' ('Tea Height'), a true foodie when it comes to his favourite drink. The splendid view over Moskva river is a bonus as is the Buran Space ship the Russian attempt to copy the American shuttle. Puertoport offers a selection of 30 types of tea along with other beverages, fir and berry juices and assorted syrups berries and syrups. Then there are lemonades, tea ice creams, cocktails and fruit infusions.