madonnina del pescatore

Moreno Cedroni is arguably Italy's most modern chef. Famous for having invented the concept of Mediterranean sushi, Moreno Cedroni is today the owner of three highly esteemed eateries: the Michelin starred Madonnina Del Pescatore in Marzocca di Senigallia, Clandestino Susci Bar in Portonovo, and AnikÚ a sushi bar in the centre of Senigallia that also sells Cedroni's gourmet range of canned goods and preserves.

Still in his early forties, Cedroni is much more than just a chef: he has become a reference point for the whole food scene in Italy, representing a new form of cookery that combines playful experimentation with creativity and intelligence. Playful, because some of his dishes are tongue in cheek twists on old favorites, like his deliciously different calamari hotdog.

Further Information:
Cedroni's book Sushi & Susci, published by Bibliotheca Culinaria, is also available in English.

Madonnina del Pescatore
Lungomare Italia, 11
Marzocca di Senigallia (AN)
Tel: +39 071 698267