Dandenong Market World Fare
Part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

Melbourne is well known for the diversity of cuisines available due to our oversupply of restaurants. We are also blessed with markets that offer many of the special ingredients required. Mainstream supermarkets are expanding their ‘exotic’ sections to cater for the range of tastes we all crave.

The Melbourne Food Festival has developed into a major event and aside from the high profile ‘shows’ we have an expanding range of lower rung ‘sideshows’. The ‘Dandenong Market World Fare’ is one. On 02 March 2014 the Dandenong market had an eclectic range of ethnic food stalls and a central marquee featuring world music from the local inhabitants of the suburb, all part of the festival calendar. At other times of the year there is a food court within the market. Dandenong has always been a suburb attracting large numbers of immigrants due to its lower cost base for homes. Consequently the market has evolved to follow their tastes and requirements. Every nationality that has settled there has opened a restaurant.

The main shopping area has everything from, ‘Robs British Butchers’ to the Pamir Restaurant, these two covering a period from when Anglo Saxons were a large percentage of new Australians to the latest group of residents. There are Afghan, Pakistani, Indian and African supermarkets. Indian Sweet, Balkan cake and Lebanese baklava bakeries stimulate the nose and you walk down a street. Apart from the food and market the suburb has little else of attraction other than the small theatre which often has suburban spin out concerts of quality. You can easily reach Dandenong by train as it is on a mainline with frequent services. Weekends are best.
Dandenong Market. Often overlooked due to its higher profile cousins, Queen Victoria and Prahran markets.