Mary Mc Brides - Smallest pub in Ireland???

Co. Antrim

Mary McBride's is one of the smallest pubs in Ireland. Actually, it's the size of a large closet, and is probably the tiniest bit of real estate to be protected by the National Trust.

The legendary Mary McBride herself died a decade ago, but her memory is still fresh to some of the bar's attendees and "Mary stories" are fun to listen to. She never drank herself and would not serve women in the bar, but if a female friend wanted a drink, she was invited into the kitchen by a side door.

Mary used to be the repository of all the gossip of the relatively isolated and beautiful valleys in the surrounding neighbourhood, and McBride's still serves as a local news exchange where everyone drops in for the latest word and a good chat and visitors are welcome for what they can report of the world outside.

Flip through the visitor's book and you'll find some famous names embedded there.

You can find Mary McBride's in the delightful village of Cushendun in the heart of the Glens of Antrim.



Mary Mc Brides Bar

2 Main Street, Cushendun

Tel: +44 (0)28 2176 1511

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The smallest bar in Ireland with the biggest atmosphere!

Excellent meals using fresh local produce. We serve the best 'chowder' in the land.

Then there's our 'Honey baked Salmon' and our 'Irish Champ'! Sure you must come.