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The Lido is very central and has a rustic Latvian style of decor. Good food and a tidy range of beer.

It is just near the English style 'Victory Pub', which although serving pints of good beer can be a a tad 'beer hall' and can attract your 'lets get pissed in Riga' English visitor. Although not observed I would imagine it host a few 'lads stag weekends' from the U.K.

So wander down a couple of doors to this more local venue

LIDO Alus sēta
Tirgoņu iela 6
Centra rajons, Rīga, LV-1050

Folkklubs ALA Pagrabs
Peldu 19 Vecriga Tel +37127796914

This is the place to go to at night! Fabulous atmosphere, extensive range of beer, cheap (quality) food and live music most nights!

Started by an Australian of Latvia descent. Packed with locals as well - due to good value!!

Our meal (Oct 2014) started with; 1st Image - Chicken Livers wrapped in smoked bacon with mustard cream sauce on rye bread. Accompanied by a Brengulu dark beer.

Then on to 2md image - Latvian meatballs, sauteed sauerkraut and onion/tomato sauce. With Grey peas, pan fried bacon in a cream sauce served in hollowed dark bread. Accompanied by a Maldugum Seasonal Ale!

Are we going back one day - yes!

Provincij restaurant Cafe (below) in central Riga may look a bit overdone, with the rural folksy decor, but it has wonderful local blended herbal teas!!