Fresh Green Lip Mussels

The Mussel Pot Havelock New Zealand

Mussels, as with other shellfish have a problem with pollution in water. They can't get rid of it! If the shellfish you eat has unfiltered pollution you will possibly get sick after eating them.

This is the reason Jewish and Islamic food rules forbid the eating of shellfish. They consider them 'unclean' and this rule comes from how many 1000 years ago, but now has morphed into being a religious rule. You only have to think about a harbour based city of that time period. All human waste drained into the sea, shellfish were harvested - bingo many sick people.

Shellfish from sea farms in New Zealand and Australia are some of the most pure in the world. Add to this the fact that they are anywhere from 2 to 4 times as big as mussels found in Europe and you begin to get the picture! This writer only east such shellfish downunder!

Greenlip Mussels are a native species to New Zealand are are the largest you can find in a commercial sense. They also have medicinal attributes in that a component has positive effects as an antiinflammatory. You will find arthritic soothing creams with Green lip in them.

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