Germany Beer

Beer in the Altmark

Beer has been brewed in the Altmark region in the north of Saxony-Anhalt since around 1300. Today, the Altmark Beer and Hop Trail gives visitors an insight into more than 500 years of brewing in the region. It is a beer drinker's paradise with brewery tours, exhibitions and plenty of opportunities to taste the local brew.


Underground Beer Vaults of Zeitz in Saxony Berlin Craft Beer Bars
Some Beer Oddities from Eastern Germany
Chocolate beer bottles found in a shop in Zwickau Eastern Germany!! During the GDR and the WW2 period this small village in Eastern Germany kept its name! Many, during the GDR period, kept this name in their minds as the name of freedom. I was told this yarn by an immigrant to Melbourne who was born near this village.
Bamberg Brew City

Bamberg, baroque and, of course, the city's famous beer. Nine breweries within the town boundaries produce more than 50 different beers, all of which are just waiting to be tasted!

What better opportunity to advance from a regular beer drinker to a connoisseur than in a town whose brewing traditions go back a thousand years. Whether you choose one of the many "BeerSchmecker-Stadt Bamberg" packages, Bamberg's famous smoke beer, the Sandkerwa summer festival, the Franconian Brewery Museum, or simply the many beer cellars dotted around the town, now is your chance to discover the true capital of beer!