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Helsinki Brewery Pub

This is Finland, you know, long cold dark winter nights. And no, strangely, they don't have a large population - because they have restaurants with tractors that they can go to!! Add to the mix, brewed Ales, Finnish food, then to work all the calories of, Rock and Roll dancing!! ZETOR is the place.
Oh, another claim to fame is that their menu is printed in 28 languages..

Bryggeri Helsinki Brew Pub

This writer (Brent) can personally attest to the quality of this VERY central pub and restaurant! They offer a sample tray, from which you can see my empty glasses above. I then decided to try a guest beer I had not heard of. A Belgian IPA style called 'Licorice Suckers', a collaboration with Donut Island Brewing. Amarillo + Columbus + Licorice root + Coconut Palm Sugar + Trappist Ale yeast = Licorice, Suckers!Panimo Hiisi

Bryggeri is ideally positioned to have lunch at the conclusion of one of city walking tours! Just off the harbour market square.
October 2014 Costs for above meal. Local sausages with fried sauerkraut (quiet different to German style) and mustard - Euro12.80.
A beer taster tray (small empty glasses) = Euro6.40 and the larger glass of Licorice Suckers = Euro5.10. Quiet good value for very central, high priced Scandinavian capital city.