Dining Around the Globe

As time permits and information is obtained we will compile a list of our favourite eateries and articles about region tastes!

General Food Travel News

The world's most Halal friendly holiday destinations? How to avoid Endangered Species ending up on your dinner plate
Food Faux Pas: simple things you're doing wrong while eating Asian food Restaurant Review Websites
World Food Taboos Airport Hotels for Food Lovers
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Unique Restaurants of the World

Griechenbeisl: Vienna's Oldest Inn Oldest Restaurant in Europe? Operating since 803?
Classic 19th Century Brasserie in Paris Classic lake side cafe/brasserie attached to the Famous Beau Rivage Hotel Lausanne Switzerland

Los Caracolos Barcelona

Chartier Paris -grumpy waiter and simple food and you have queues to get in!

Regional Tastes

Alaska Kenya Sinai Desert Bedouin
Armenian Cuisine Melaka and Peranakan Cuisine South Australia
Belgium Mediterranean Sushi & Susci Italy South Africa
British Breakfast Mexico Sri Lanka
Budapest Dining a real Gem!!!! Mongolian Food


Canada Moroccan Food Swiss
China Vegetarian New Zealand Tasmania
Darjeeling Oman Thailand Street Food
Egypt Organic Treats in Istanbul Traditional Easter Fare in Italy
Emilia Romangna Italy Palermo Street Food video - Italy The Melons of central Asia
Estonia Piedmont Italy The truth about Indian Curry
Finnish Food 'Plov' - the classic food of Uzbekistan Tropical dining Raratonga - Cook Island Sth Pacific
Japanese Food Polynesian Food  
Jordan Food Russian Food  

Food Festivals

Eurochocolate festival of Perugia Melbourne & Its Food Festivals
Naples Pizza Festival Russian Cucumber Festival
'Unusual' Food Festivals!'  

Hotels to Dine For

Bangkok Sukhothai, Celadon
Shangrila Kuala Lumpur
Windamere Hotel Darjeeling India

Food and Community Development

We have started this new list. Restaurants or food providers that combine their business with community development.

Sydney - The Bread and Butter Project
Inspirational project. You can almost smell the bread through your screen!

Melbourne - Lentil as Anything - As far as this editor knows this 'financial concept' is unique to these 3 venues? Pay what you think the meal was worth; Staff have high percentage of new immigrants so that they get paid training in hospitality. They also add their culinary traditions to the kitchen which make for some great meals - as tested by this editor!

Wacky Dining

According to Gourmet magazine editor, revolting food is the new cool. A gustatory exploration of the world's more repugnant menu items could include such enticing items asthe North American jellied moose noose. You can then move on to Thailand's bat soup, or Hong Kongs bird spit hors d'oeuvres. Next time you are in Bali check that your barista is up with the lates trends and try a latte made from coffee beans pre-digested by a native mammal. A hotel in Dawson City, Yukon has been exploiting the concept of 'revolting' since the 1970's when they began serving the 'Sourtoe'. This is a cocktail (at $500 a go) where the 'olive on a stick' is replaced by an entire mummified toe. Their toe-hold in the shock food industry took a dive this year when a tourist swallowed the famous appendage in a single gulp of whiskey. The bar is now advertising on its website for a replacement toe.
Taiwans Toilet Themed Restaurant Best food complaint letter ever

Dining in the Dark


Restaurants with Local Music

Chiang Mai Johannesburg
Macau Bar 21
Jazz is the scene here at Bar 21. Also the view, one of those roof top venues!
See details about Lentil as Anything - above

Food Tours

Walking tours based around food! Think about it, you justify the food intake by the energy output related to the walking! Ideal situation! Don't listen to 50 year old stories about London's food, they are wrong! This editor found this to be the case when he lived there throughout the 1980's. Yes there were the 'greasy truckie breakfast places' and the horrific motorway restaurant stops with deep fried cutlery included, but I have found such things throughout the world! Anyway here is a great little tour to indulge!


A delightful way to discover food and wine in Paris while visiting the city. The Bustronome is a high-end double decker bus. You will discover the most beautiful views of Paris as well as the best of its gastronomy. The Bustronome stands out thanks to its exceptional panoramic glass terrace, offering 360° striking views across the French capital.
On board you will find a non-intrusive audio-guide on demand that comprises an audio player and an interactive document and a French musical atmosphere carefully chosen to accentuate the feeling of well-being.

Bustronome offers an inventive cuisine. Grand chefs regularly offer new culinary experiences by composing tasting menus (4 and 6 courses), inspired by the French tradition with a selection of wine served by the glass to accompany each dish.

Rungis Wholesale Market Paris

Rungis is the Paris wholesale market and is where chefs and specialist suppliers come to find the finest, ingredients. It is on the southern fringes of Paris (about 11km from the centre), opens at midnight and is closed by 7am. This is the world’s largest wholesale market covering 2.3 sq km. It is so big that it has its own train station and motorway exit. The Pavilion de la Chasse (the Game Hall) and the Triperie (n intestinal festival) are spectacular.

You will have to join an official group tour. Do not just turn up!

Aviation Themed Restaurants and Cafes
Airport Dining

New Zealand China


Airline Food

Singapore Airport


Cooking Schools and Classes

Barcelona Others
Cookiteca captures a growing interest in tourists for cuisine and especially Mediterranean foods. Learning to cook and experience-based stays are all the rage. There are various courses on offer at this company’s four workshops. Other cooking courses are offered at the downtown Cook and Taste and also Espai Boisŕ, which only uses organic produce. 
www.cookiteca.com  www.cookandtaste.net
Middle Eastern Classes Melbourne Oasis Bakery

Thai Cooking School

Singapore Stopover Cooking Classes

Italy: Great opportunities to learn cooking in small houses using this cooperative.

New Zealand

Graham Brown
The Cookhouse

Graham has established an intimate cooking school at his country property near Christchurch. Dates fit within his already busy schedule appearing at conferences and promoting NZ produce overseas. Oh, and on the side he races vintage and classic motorbikes! Old motorbikes and cooking - two activities close to this editors heart!

I saw Graham present at a tourism conference in Christchurch, quite some years back. In April 2014 I finally found one of the ultimate kitchen gizmos he had used - an egg shell top cutter, and I mean a precise clean cut right around! Years of casual asking in shops did not reveal such an item, until recently. It is now safely stored in my gizmo draw!


Food Blogs and Articles

A wise woman once said "I am not a glutton, but an explorer of food".
EatTheWalk blog spot - a sumptuous read. Majority Asian restaurants as bloggers are Singapore based.
Here is a great food blog. The author is located in Penang and we all know what Penang has - great food!
RussianSeason.net is a food blog run by two Russian-speaking women - a mother (Natalia) and a daughter (Alina) - living in Latvia. Natalia is a professional artist and Alina is the co-owner of a web directory of Russian-speaking businesses in Europe. We both cook and Alina writes posts and takes photos. In our blog you'll find a range of (mostly tweaked&adapted) recipes from Russia, Eastern Europe, the Baltics, and former USSR.
Slow Food - Important for regional tourism
Travel for Foodies Blog

Jodie's blog is about getting off the beaten track, with some creature comforts, the next meal planned and perhaps a beverage in hand. "Food to me is central to other parts of life," she says. "It transverses time zones and cultures and finds common ground. I love feeding people: bringing friends together and sharing our lives and stories

Scotland claims Chicken Tikka Masala origins

A chef from Scotland is claiming that he invented the Anglo-Indian curry dish, Chicken Tikka Masala. Channel News Asia reported that Ahmed Aslam Ali, whose family owns the Shish Mahal restaurant in Glasgow, claims that they concocted the first ever version of the popular dish back in the 1970s, and is now pressing the European Union to give it ‘Protected Designation of Origin’ status, alongside the likes of Champagne and Parma Ham. Chicken tikka masala is now as firmly embedded in British food folklore as fish and chips, but its origins remain unclear. Chefs in London and Birmingham also lay claim to the dish, with one restaurateur saying that he originally used a tin of tomato soup for the creamy sauce.

Weird Food A wonderful look at some TV identities tasting some outrageous food.