Cuba and Beer
And before KFC!!!!!!

Serenaded by good music whilst indulging craft beer - bliss!!
Havana has only one craft brewer serving two outlets. La Taberna de La Muralla
+53 7 8664453 A joint venture with Salm Brau from Vienna- an establishment I have also visited. One sits down in this restored square of old Havana and are soon offered either a LARGE chimney of beer with its own tap for self service, or by the pint glass. I say 'pint glass', but it is obvious that no 'official' quantity of serve exists. They offer a Light, Dark,  or Black. Light is not so attractive, whereas the dark and black are quiet quaffable. The beer chimney does have provision for an ice pack container to be inserted so that the beer keeps its chill factor.

As with all over Cuba - BE CAREFUL when the bill is presented. Despite a 98% literacy rate and a well regarded education system many restaurant, bar and hotel staff, have trouble with simple addition!! Its a universal Cuban scam - make the final total a bit more and the tourist won't notice and I can pocket the difference.

The bars and restaurants around this Plaza are more expensive and whilst they attract large numbers of tourists they also host increasing numbers of locals. They too enjoy the high quality venues and a square with stable cobble stones and restored buildings, something denied to many other areas of Havana. You know you are approaching a tourist region as soon as the the road, or path beneath your feet becomes less of an obstacle course.

When moving about Cuba the main beer brands available are, Crystal, Bucanero being local brews and the imported Presidente from the Dominican Republic. I preferred the Bucanero, both for its slightly stronger taste and the romantic notion derived from the name. You can also obtain the usual Heineken type imported brews at higher prices - but why would you?

One can also move to refreshing cocktails as can be evidenced by Senora Bucanero's order!


Travel to Cuba - enquire.