Cider and Calvados Normandy France

There are two regions when one thinks of Cider, Somerset (U.K.) and Normandy France. These areas seem to have 'got things right'!

Giuseppe, from our office, recently visited the Drouin Distillery whilst he was at the French National Travel Conference. The picture below, of the house, gives you an idea of how old this establishment is and the character that permeates throughout the whole region of Normandy.

When discussing this subject Brent recalled one camping trip through the area many years ago. It was summer and some farmers offered their fields as simple 'camp grounds' for the summer months. There were simple facilities and stunning views. Each morning he collected a bottle of fresh milk and cider from the farm house. These were old wine bottles with corks rammed in the top!

Giuseppe managed to sample a few ciders, as evidenced by the 'cafe' type image below.

Cider in a coffee cup! Cider Barrels


Frankfurt Cider or Apfelwein



We have discovered a secret passion of Nadine (one of our two Germans) from our office! German Cider and in particular POSSMAN. She has been so dedicated in her search for a source in Australia and actually found one!! You can, 'At A Price' get the real thing and with proper printed glasses and earthware pouring pot. These accessories improve the flavour a well known scientific fact known amongst enthusiasts! This is a very dry cider.