Eurochocolate festival Perugia

The Eurochocolate festival of Perugia in recent years has become the most sought after Chocolate Festival amongst Italians, making Perugia the European capital of chocolate. From the 14th to the 22rd of October, the Umbrian capital turns into a huge open-air pastry-shop for the delight of many chocolate lovers. The festival is organised in association with many other large scale events all concentrating on the "food of the gods", with exhibitions, workshops, internships, cooking classes, tasting, expositions, banquets, celebrations as well as the Eurochocolate Awards prize. Every year new themes and ideas for entertainment are developed for the event. In 2001 the theme was called "the prisoners of chocolate" while the 2002 edition was dedicated to cinema. For visitors this event is without doubt a good chance to discover the most remote corners of this ancient medieval town and to enjoy the famous Umbrian hospitality.

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