Beer Pictures and Notes From Near and Far

Roving reporter Patrick Horton St Petersburg cafe! Russian beer and Beer Stein/Mug!
Note: this page is done in the editors 'spare time' so bookmark and check back!

Cuba before KFC touring and beer

An important read - 5 reasons why British pubs are better than American bars

Where are the oldest (still operating) Pubs or Bars in the World?? read on and see if you agree

STOP PRESS!!! Recent 'Medical Reports' pertaining to the consumption of beer. Click HERE for this important read!

Be careful how you 'toast' when in different cultures!

This first section has a range of beer news items which usually involve a bit of world wandering!
Following this you will find links to details about Australian and New Zealand beer as well as links to many other parts of the world.
Then you will find information pertaining to accommodation. The there details about beer cafes and restaurants!

Micro Brewing in China  is on the increase!

Bath in Beer???
Yes it is now possible

Pub Crawl London

One could even try a 'pub Crawl around the monopoly board. these good folks have...


How did we all miss this group of enthusiasts! If you like real ale and are visiting the UK perhaps you could join one of these enchanting 'Real Ale Rambles' - that's a 'ye olde real English word for walking or hikes for those that may read this from foreign shores.

Cider and Calvados from Normandy

and Cider From Germany

Beer Brewing has entered the Tech Age

You have heard of 'Open Source Code', how about 'Open Source' beer recipes! The Danes have done just this! Read on..

Norfolk Virginia U.S.

Sail and Ales - now this is different!
You could be SAILING and tasting tons of new and local CRAFT BEERS on board the American Rover out of Norfolk.

Airports Airlines and Beer!

German Airports U.S. Airports
Other Airports  Beer at Airports KLM draught
Aviation themed bars and restaurants  

Australian and New Zealand Beer

The Rest of the World

Austria Belgium Cuba China
Estonia Finland France Germany
Ireland Japan Latvia Mongolia
Netherlands Other Europe Russia USA


Here is a list and review site for Bars, as opposed to Pubs and Cafes' - there is a difference.....

With listings by city, the site is not only good for a read up on your favourite cities and their bars of choice, it also makes for a good planning site for those planning to spend a spare evening in a new city. Not only does the editorial team list their five or six favourite bars, but the site has a community section for those fans and foes of the bars - so you get a good sense of the vibe of the city before you go.

The World's Best Bars

Hotels attached to pubs/bars/breweries serving proper beer!

hotels/sanctuary-house/SH_Bedroom1a.jpg hotels/sanctuary-house/SH_small_Bar1.jpg

Fancy staying in a room like this? In the centre of London

Above a bar room like this? Serving quality real ale

As you can probably guess this is not a budget hotel. The Trout Tadpole Bridge Cotswolds UK
Shangri La Hotel in Shanghai Assorted USA Beer Hotels

Assorted European and UK Beer Hotels


The Bushmills Inn has been a spot for saddle-weary travellers heading to the causeway since 1608. Not only is the Inn a 41-bedroom hotel, it also houses its own award-winning restaurant. The public bar area is still lit by old style gas lighting and features live Irish music ont he weekends.

Getting there: located in Northern Ireland, the Inn is a 80-minute drive from Belfast.


The Griffin Inn dates back to 1647 and offers locally sourced produce and a number of rooms. As you can see it has that, 'Straight out of central casting' look about it! Located in the heart of Wales, The Griffin Inn is a 75-minute drive from Cardiff.

Beer Cafe's and Restaurants

Bavarian Beer Cafe In Australia


Beer Holidays - get it! If you like exploring, plus good quality boutique Ales and Beers then make your next holiday or vacation a Beeriday or Beercation.

Our suggestions
the U.S.

Bavaria Germany
Rise of Beer Trails in the U.S.

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