Kenya Cuisine

African Game Meat Restaurant

Kenya is a country which dispels the myth that there is nothing interesting about African cuisine. If we move away from basic African tribal survival food, which is revived from simple small cultivations, or hunting, we see many influences that have made a distinctive African cuisine.

The Carnivore restaurant in Nairobi has been around for many years and is, as the name suggests, for meat lovers. There is a vegetarian option on the menu! They are able to offer African game meat, from lawful culls and farming.

As these image shows there is a certain amount of theatre with their central cooking area - the stage. Then there is the theatre when the meat is served - the actors. On many nights there is also live music - the orchestra pit. This author can attest to distinctive flavours of African wild game. Whilst exploring the Selous region of Southern Tanzania I sampled several varieties. I do not recommend Warthog - imagine wild boar with a slight mud overtaste!! On the other hand Hartebeest was amazing. What we eat came from the rangers and their herd managements.


Mombassa has centuries of influence from trade, dhow building and changing overlords. Each factor introduced something to the local food. Its natural position on the coast means there has been a long seafood tradition. The Tamarind Restaurant is the place to go for quality local cuisine. In addition to the food the restaurants position affords beautiful views over the 'Old Harbour' of Mombassa. There has also been a tradition of presenting good quality music mostly with a jazz vein.

Again this author has sampled all aspects of this establishment more than once! He can still here the jazz tunes wafting over the water. I spent four months moored at the end of a jetty which is at the base of the cliff upon which the restaurant is located assisting in the refit of a large yacht on which I was working as first mate.

This is where I was first introduced to the sublime mix of cold local Tusker Beer with freshly fried coconut slivers used as a 'beer snack'. I have replicated this for some past special BBQ's!

The restaurant is now part of an over complex known as the Tamarind Hotel, so if you are also looking for a nice room, this would be a place to consider. You may not want to walk to what is known as the centre of the town, but it is an easy taxi ride. I have walked it a few times when the boat motorbike was not available.

The panorama picture below shows you the view just below the restaurant, including 'my jetty'!