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Siberian Fish Cuisine
Perhaps on your current visit to Russia you won't be visiting Siberian, but you have heard about its wonderful fish. One of the best restaurants featuring Siberian cuisine, according to many Siberians themselves), can be found at the Moscow  restaurant called Chemodan (suitcase). this is not a cheap restaurant, more in the 'moderate' slot. However, the fish dishes offered here are considered remarkable by many. Telnoye (fish chops) from the North Yenisei sturgeon in cheese sauce, or try nelma, slightly smoked with currants and cherries, served with mushrooms.

Address: Gogolevskiy bulv., 25
Metro: Kropotkinskaya
Tel: +7 (495) 695-3819
Open from 12:00 until 24:00.


From: Jane
Sent: Monday, 1 May 2017
To: Marie Pickering
Subject: Cafe Pushkin

Hi Marie
We made it to Cafe Pushkin - amazing decor- especially in the loos
Fantastic weather 25deg - walking tour guide lovely- off to St P.
Hope you're well
Moscow Cafe Pushkin