Get ready for the world’s first ‘mile-high’ draught beer
When a warm can just won’t do

After claiming to have spent years developing a beer keg that works at high altitude, beer maker Heineken and Netherlands flag carrier KLM are bringing draught beer to the skies.

Marketed as the world’s first “mile-high pub”, the initiative will be trialed on intercontinental services in August.

“Because the air pressure is so much lower in an airplane than at sea level, a traditional beer tap will not work as it will only dispense a huge amount of foam,” Heineken’s Edwin Griffioen said.

“We do have dispensers that work on air pressure, but these were too big to fit in a plane. It was one big jigsaw puzzle.”

Although it will become the first brewery to offer draught beer at 35,000 feet, the Dutch company had to leave behind the cooling system that makes pints icy cold as it was too large to fit inside the trolleys, the UK Telegraph reported.

“In the end we had to leave out one of those pieces to make it all fit,” said Griffioen.

“So with pain in our hearts we had to leave the cooling behind.”