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November 2015 Update

"A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject". Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill's view seems to still be around!

Our News on French Travel
Our sympathy for the victims, their families and the responders of Paris must now be added to our thoughts for the victims of Turkey, Metro Airlines and Beirut. I am sure France will see the importance of getting on with life and denying the terrorist the satisfaction they desire – a stance we also support.

Tourism in Paris is recovering fast, the French government has confirmed, after hotel and airline bookings slumped following the 13 November attacks that killed 130 people.

Daily occupancy at hotels in Paris fell 24% on average in the week after the attacks, according to figures issued on Wednesday by the Office du Tourisme et des Congres de Paris. The decline had eased to 16% by the start of this week, French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron said.

New international flight bookings to Paris plunged by 27% for the week of 14-21 November 2015 compared to the same week in 2014, travel and booking information firm ForwardKeys revealed a couple of days ago. Reports from Paris say airline booking cancellations have now returned to more normal levels.

Meanwhile, reports are emerging of the efficiency with which some Australian travel agents handled the Paris crisis for their clients. The reports echo similar recent cases in which clients who booked through agents have fared much better during travel disruptions than those who booked direct. This was noted during a Lufthansa strike earlier this month, when travel agents working round the clock managed to get their clients to their destinations with little to no disruption, while travellers who had booked with OTAs, or direct with airlines, were left sitting at European airports, stranded and disgruntled.

In Paris meanwhile, airline booking cancellation levels are also returning to normal this week from a slump immediately after the attacks, the Office du Tourisme et des Congres de Paris reported yesterday.

“It’s picking up. We are on a seasonal market, so it is crucial that it picks up quickly for these operators that are open only for a few weeks during the holidays,” Macron said.

Subject: Fantastic Website
Hi Brent & Staff,
At last had time to browse your ‘travelcentre’ website. It is absolutely fantastic. Very informative, well set out with links and the images of tours offered made me drool and become very restless. Will definitely direct all my travelling friends to the site.
Congratulations Val. See other client comments.

Passport Staff Travels

Brent has returned from his Cuba Before KFC touring.
Music, vibrant culture and architecture, not to forget the cocktails! He made a self drive tour of some of the major highlights. More here!

Marie in Mother Russia

Marie (and family) took extended leave to spend the summer period with family in Russia. Rather than fly direct to Moscow they are making their way via a few stops in China and Russia. As is evidenced by this photo the weather is good at Lake Baikal. She has found this new attraction, an outdoor collection of old Russian cars, motorbikes and other metal technology.

Mongolian- Travel Away from the Horde

Mongolia a land with a history that saw it at the gates of Europe. A wild physical beauty and a place where you can still go and not get mobile phone reception! Tours to Mongolia.
Stopover on Trans Siberian.
Nadaam Festival.
See video from Brents recent visit

photorussia.gif (20014 bytes)Russia Travel
Travel to Russia at the Real Price!
Click here to find out more



Trans Siberian Railway
Set Date Departures

Independent Trans Siberian Railway - maximise chance of being with other travellers.

Guided at each stop Trans Siberian Railway- maximise your sightseeing time, and contact with locals.

NEW more guided Trans Siberian tours. More stops. More inclusions. Summer dates.

Czars Gold Private Trans Siberian

Guided luxury private train Trans Siberian Railway- comfort, exclusive train, bathrooms and a doctor!!
Tsars Gold

Russian River Cruises 2015
The Waterways of Russia
Volga River Cruise
Moscow St Petersburg
Lena River Artic Circle
St Petersburg Moscow Yaroslavl Nizhny Novgorod Kazan Samara Saratov Volgograd Rostov On Don

Autumn Photography Tour
Moscow St Petersburg Golden Ring

This fall photography tour is about enhancing your camera skills and discovering the most picturesque and exciting parts of these famous cities and the stunning Golden Ring.. Non-photographers will also enjoy this trip as it is a tour for all tastes. Escorted by professional photographer and Russian guide book author Richard Nebesky.

Laos Mekong River Cruises

Stunning boats: Rich itineraries: Some less travelled sections of the Mekong: Combine with Thailand

Antarctica Cruise
Artic Cruises
Antarctic Flights

The Great Call of China

Extensive range of China tour options. Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Kunming, Silk Route and much more. 23 years experience with China. Group and independent travel. Southwest Tribal Groups Yunnan province and neighbouring areas are home to a culturally rich and vibrant collection of ethnic groups. The physical scenery matches the vibrancy of these people


Small Group Tours to Exotic Regions

Iran Egypt Algeria  France Europe India Kurdistan Russia  China Tibet. Rail journeys  Walking & Cycling Russia
Group tours escorted by tour leaders with some unique knowledge of the areas visited.

Private Group Travel ---Incentive Travel. Custom made private tour groups.
For your own group of friends, or for a business wanting unique packages for their Incentive Travel programme. Learn more

Iran Tour

Always in the news. Come and find out why, plus see the side of Iran you don't see on the news. Culture, food, music, art, topography and history

Ethiopia Tour

From the breathtaking landscape of the Rift-Valley, to the the medieval castles of Gondar. Lake Tana with, centuries old painted monasteries and chapels, Harar the Islamic walled city in the West of Ethiopia. In addition, the three day music festival in Arba Minch where you can witness different traditional dances, instruments and music of the various tribes of Ethiopia, a thrilling and exciting experience. Optional 5 day visit to the tribes of the South Omo Valley at the end of the trip.

Photography Tour Central Europe

Escorted by professional photographer and guide book author Richard Nebesky. Czech: Germany: Slovakia: Poland: Hungary; Romania.

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